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What’s this Blog for?

Well, the NerdChieftain is a big Sarah Connor Chronicles fan.  So big in fact, his own blog was overtaken by his ranting and raving (and reportedly, streaking) over it.  [He claims he had to reenact the time travel scene.  Weird.]  As all good friends would do, This Salesman held an intervention and encouraged him to… start a blog just for being a fan of the show.  Thus, your two administrators joined forces.  And lived happily ever after.  Until Judgment Day.

And now for a lil something from Comic Con.



6 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Nice blog! T:SCC great new show- can’t wait for the next episode!

  2. martymcfly Says:

    The show is good, but i really like the first two movies and think they should have stopped there. Obviously they want to make money and so they put out this show. It is good for what it is.

  3. I really like the Summer Glau character. I started watching it cause I liked the first Terminator movie. But I’m still watching cause Summer/ Cameron is really interesting when they give us bits about her. I keep wondering what they will end up having her become. Sometimes it seems she is a lot more than just a robot they reprogrammed.

  4. PS- The Space channel here had a marathon of all the first season today. Was great cause I had missed a lot and only seen the ending of several of the shows. I love when they do that.

  5. slm…ben ok seviyorum kime bu terminatr! ok hergn izleniyor gzel:) sen resimler terminatr film ve oyun hotmail gnderim anladm…

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