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So, how old is John Connor?

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In T2, John Connor was 10.  He was born Feb 1985.

So, on Sep 9, 19992000, the date of time travel, he was 14.6 15.6 years old.  I suppose this makes him the right age to be a Freshman.  And for his Senior Gift, he will prevent Judgement Day.  Or his mom will… or something.

I’m not one to gripe about consistency, as you can see in time travel thread. 

But this one is bugging me.  I suppose it bothers me because I had the timeline all wrong in my head until I went over to the terminator wiki and looked at the dizzying time plot article.

Anyone else having trouble imagining John (actor age 20) and Cameron (actress age 16 26) as 14-year old Freshman?  They look like Juniors at least to me.


Of course, Sarah Connor doesn’t look a day past 28, and the character is in fact 32 or 41 (depending on conflicing birth days in the films.)  Of course, Lena Headey is 31 in RL.


Episode 5 The Queen’s Gambit(Pics)

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Some great spoiler pics from episode 5 over at MOTHEROFALLDESTINY.COM

Check them out if you dare.

Big fan of this one of Summer Glau.


Fourth Freedom Fighter Sightings

Posted in Fourth Freedom Fighter, Theories on January 23, 2008 by nerdchieftain

I was all excited to spot the Fourth Freedom Fighter in Episode 2. The question burned in my soul, “Did he see Sarah Connor’s face clearly?” After all, he was a little ways away and she was running down the alley….

Yet in Episode 3, he definitely looked her straight in the eye while prowling Andy’s house, and when she went out on Andy’s porch. So I believe, being that he knows Sarah Connor’s face, he knows who he is tailing. I can’t wait until he appears.

Technobabble: On Time Travel

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In true Nerd style, I have elected to discuss that which is not currently possible and at the extreme edge of Science fiction to explore first among all the very many important issues raised.

I would like to begin by adding some perspective. Time Travel was imagined by James Cameron, who wrote the scripts, as a plot device. In situations such as these, the techonogy aspect of the story is Technobabble. There is no rhyme or reason to how it works, it just works by certain rules. In some cases, such as Star Trek, technobabble requires consistency.

Nonetheless, fans innately desire to have a believable universe filled with continuity. Continue reading

Mysteries, Theories, and Technobabble Oh My!

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Welcome Team TermiNerd!

It is time for our first community activity. Our goal is to specialize in rampant plot theorizing, examination of show mysteries, and to geek out over terminator technology. We need you to help us make a list for discussion, and to participate of course!

This will serve as our seaon 1 contest: for every post you create which predicts something happening in Season 1, you’ll get recognition in the Season 1 awards. For every incorrect post (which will be most), you get an atomic wedgie. The stakes are high here people!

We at TermiNerd would like to pontificate that we want to keep a positive perspective. The purpose of discussing these things is to have fun, make friends, get our geek on, make me feel important for hosting a busy blog, predict the future, and of course, influence the writers who know where the biggest fan site is.

Please submit your Mysteries, Theories, and Technobabble topics for discussion. We’ll start tackling them. Continue reading

Summer Glau -A good choice for the Teen-minator?

Posted in Sarah Connor Chronicles, Summer Glau with tags , on January 23, 2008 by thissalesmanslife

I want to here Raves and Rants about Summer Glau’s casting as the Cameron character on the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Is it a good choice? Would you have gone a different direction?

Is her character to close too the Serenity character “River” ?

I think in the first 2 episodes I liked it but in the recent 3rd ……well, I’m not sure.

I welcome your thoughts.


Some Blogs find fault with the SCC’s direction

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So I was doing some surfing on the SCC (Sarah Connor Chronicles) and found that some blogs are already putting up walls against the new TV show. Say it ain’t so.

While it’s not the movie and it’s not perfect – but for TV I think it’s pretty darn good Beats Reality TV.

But we @ TermiNerd, welcome all view points so here are the thoughts from those at Worship City:

And Terminator looses it’s luster

I think some of the points are valid and I hope the future SCC episodes show that Sarah Connor really has “the Stones”

I really liked your pic. Worship City hope you don’t mind that I borrowed it.