Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (This Salesman: Jan 15)

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So I was reserving judgment on the SCC untill I had seen both parts of the season premiere. I can now say with confidence that I am very pleased with how its turning out. I wasn’t sure how it would come off on TV. Would it be like the Robocop TV series or other failed Movie to TV franchises. Having watch now 2 hours of the show I think that it looks pretty solid. The tone of the show feels very much like the Terminator movies. Great casting,big fan of Summer Glau (From Serenity fame)she seems perfect as the female younger protector Terminator. Also Lena Headey is growing on me as the strong but vulnerable Sarah Connor. I think the show has started off pretty strong, but I am concerned with the future stories and where the series will go. I do think that pairing this show up with Prison Break (Which was awesome last night) can only help make Mondays solid Fox TV watching.

Great website about the SCC over at the Terminator Chronicles

Also Check out Nerd Chieftain’s  Latest Blog all about the Terminator TV show

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