Latest Sarah Connor Chronicles (Nerdchieftain: Jan 22, 2008)

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In the latest episode, Sarah is faced with a computer nerd who is contributing to the Aritifical Intelligence (AI) community. He seems to be small time, and probably not a threat in terms of building up Skynet. The moral dilemma for Sarah, then, is if she wants to be sure, does she need to kill him? In the end, she decides to simply burn down his computer lab (his house.)I appreciate that this episode is pursuing the question, “How far is she willing to go?” Nonetheless, it seems to me that befriending him and using his personal network to join in the computer nerd world would have been a more effective long-term strategy. Intell >> exhasutively killing all computer programmers. This perhaps is the part of the journey for Sarah to realize this truth. She could have taken the next relationship step – level with the guy and have him meet the kids. ”I’ve got a twin son and daughter interested in computers. They’re real excited to get to see what you are doing.” This could open some cool plot opportunities, get them into the Nerd underground. This plot line isn’t closed by a long shot. The other aspect to this is Sarah is gonna have to finally let go of John and let him start to contribute and learn. I am looking forward to some good drama as they learn to play smarter than “kill everything” Terminator style.Nonetheless, I don’t want to dwell on what could have been… but it is good to explore what the characters are thinking, doing.

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