Terminator Theories (Nerdchieftain: Jan 18, 2008)

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termheadcrop.jpg<– The missing Terminator head.

In Episode 2 of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Gnothi Seauton (“Know thyself”), there was a small mystery, which I have begun to think over.  I also investigated  by watching the episodes on Fox on Demand.

The Terminator’s head comes through time into the future (2007), but the body is nowhere to be seen. It mysteriously appears and resurrects in a garbage pile when the head reboots.

The most likely explanation for this is that the terminator body was left in the past (1999), presumably charred and more resembling a robot after being hit by the isotope gun.

This is relevant, because the body would have had to be taken in 1999 to a garbage dump. Furthermore, the FBI agent James Ellison upon arriving at the bank would have found a dead headless terminator in the remains of a vault door way along with 3 magically disappearing fugitives and 10 – 20 witnesses, who saw the terminator rip apart a giant vault door in minutes with his bare hands.  Among these witnesses are credible SWAT team members. Which begs the following questions:

1) Would this cause James (FBI) to begin giving some credibility to Sarah Connor’s disturbing mental hospital tales?
2) It seems odd the Terminator body would be in a dump and not some FBI evidence locker, or melted down for scrap (its high quality alloy), or carted off to a computer lab a la the transition story between T1 and T2. Is there some collusion in the past yet only implied?

Here’s to hoping this is a plot device instead of an overlooked plot hole.


2 Responses to “Terminator Theories (Nerdchieftain: Jan 18, 2008)”

  1. Here’s to hoping this is a plot device instead of an overlooked plot hole.

    Amen! This is my biggest beef with the series: the blatant ignoring of a fundamental Terminator rule amidst the strict following of that very same rule with the disappearance of the humans’ clothes as they jump to 2007!

    And I hate the fact that the series ignores T2‘s timeline, to wit, that the movie takes place in 1995, not 1997. There is absolutely no reason to ignore this important fact other than to follow T3‘s timeline (in regard to Sarah’s deathdate and John’s age), which the series decides to conveniently ignore anyway!

    Great show, lowsy continuity.

  2. nerdchieftain Says:

    Wow, I went to Terminator Wiki.

    Apparently, the timeline is mixed up between T1 and T2, let alone T3 (unofficial sequel) and The TV series.

    I always thought T2 occured in 1991, not 1995. Weird.

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