The Old and New

I found this awesome screen grab of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in T2, so why not compare?


Both ladies are very attractive. But one thing stands out in the Linda Hamilton version of the character, she is cut like a Navy Seal. Perhaps all that exercise in the Mental Hospital gave her that extra edge. It did add a lot to the character. This scene where she worked on the rifles spoke volumes to me about the character by just looking at her muscles in T2. I was intimidated. I knew she meant business, sacrifice, and war.

Well, we press on to more awesome fiction!




4 Responses to “The Old and New”

  1. Great comments here.
    What do you think about the Tank top wardrobe choice.
    A character without sleeves seems focused yet vulnerable.
    What you see is what you get.
    Literally – “Nothing up her sleeves “

  2. nerdchieftain Says:

    I never thought that much in depth. I always was thinking the practical side. Mental Hospital — patients can’t hide things in sleaves. Tank top in Linda Hamilton’s case always said military to me. It is a common person’s way to accentuate a figure. It goes well with Leather jackets.

    You are right that a tank top leaves the impression of being open to the world.

  3. If Sarah is willing to get engaged and settle down … if Sarah believes that Judgment Day has passed, why continue her normal physical regimen? I think it’d be natural for Sarah to soften up a bit physically.

  4. I love Linda and Sarah Conner. To me, she helped make that character more than the script called for. In the movie Terminator 2, we even see her detication to the role by being so ready to play a woman who’s ready for the end of the world, and to see to it her son is ready to lead humanity.

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