Fourth Freedom Fighter Sightings

I was all excited to spot the Fourth Freedom Fighter in Episode 2. The question burned in my soul, “Did he see Sarah Connor’s face clearly?” After all, he was a little ways away and she was running down the alley….

Yet in Episode 3, he definitely looked her straight in the eye while prowling Andy’s house, and when she went out on Andy’s porch. So I believe, being that he knows Sarah Connor’s face, he knows who he is tailing. I can’t wait until he appears.


2 Responses to “Fourth Freedom Fighter Sightings”

  1. Does it matter if the Freedom Fighter/Resistance Fighter saw Sarah Connor or not.

    The only thing that I could see is the Freedom Fighter being surprised that SC is still alive in 2007.

    That is all

  2. nerdchieftain Says:

    He is tailing them to find out who they are and what they are up to and if he can trust them. So of course seeing her face matters, as he now knows who she is.

    I just had the thought… will he lead the new Terminator to them?

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