Mysteries, Theories, and Technobabble Oh My!

Welcome Team TermiNerd!

It is time for our first community activity. Our goal is to specialize in rampant plot theorizing, examination of show mysteries, and to geek out over terminator technology. We need you to help us make a list for discussion, and to participate of course!

This will serve as our seaon 1 contest: for every post you create which predicts something happening in Season 1, you’ll get recognition in the Season 1 awards. For every incorrect post (which will be most), you get an atomic wedgie. The stakes are high here people!

We at TermiNerd would like to pontificate that we want to keep a positive perspective. The purpose of discussing these things is to have fun, make friends, get our geek on, make me feel important for hosting a busy blog, predict the future, and of course, influence the writers who know where the biggest fan site is.

Please submit your Mysteries, Theories, and Technobabble topics for discussion. We’ll start tackling them.

Rampant Plot Theories

  • Will John ever be let by Sarah and Cameron to do anything useful to the cause? When does he get to practice being a leader? (Psst.. Sarah, you are tracking the creation of a massive AI computer. Your son is computer nerd extraordinaire. cough *HINT* cough
  • Is FBI agent James Ellison a believer in all this Terminator stuff? And if so, why? Is he possibly a resistance fighter?
  • Is this Terminator female for the purposes of being a potential love interest to John? Could she provide companionship? It seems a reasonable contingency to plan for. How “equipped” is she? Do we want to see the show go the ways of Dawson’s Creek?

Terminator Mysteries

  • How did the Terminator body get from bank vault in 1999 (with cops and 25 witnesses) to garbage dump in 2007?
  • Why is FBI’s James Ellison in the core 4 cast members? Is he gonna play an active role in the show?


  • All TermiNerds know that time travel is only possible with living tissue. So Terminators require living skin over their bodies in order to time travel. (Huh?) So how does a naked (no flesh) Terminator head get sent through Time Travel into 1999?
  • Does Cameron have the ability to imitate a Teenager (a la first episode), or not (the rest of the Season so far)? What happened to this advanced human interaction?

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