Some Blogs find fault with the SCC’s direction

So I was doing some surfing on the SCC (Sarah Connor Chronicles) and found that some blogs are already putting up walls against the new TV show. Say it ain’t so.

While it’s not the movie and it’s not perfect – but for TV I think it’s pretty darn good Beats Reality TV.

But we @ TermiNerd, welcome all view points so here are the thoughts from those at Worship City:

And Terminator looses it’s luster

I think some of the points are valid and I hope the future SCC episodes show that Sarah Connor really has “the Stones”

I really liked your pic. Worship City hope you don’t mind that I borrowed it.


5 Responses to “Some Blogs find fault with the SCC’s direction”

  1. Terminerd… I love it!!

  2. Nice site. You should check out the podcast I’m involved in. You will probably like it.

  3. oh and if you need help with some graphics for your site let me know. I have made a bunch for the show.

  4. Haha! No problem the pic is awesome! (I stole it from someone else too.)
    I need to say that while I have found faults (with this week’s episode) I’m not giving up on it. It seems some got the impression. As a Terminerd myself, I’m interested to see how this will play out and it’ll take more than 1 lackluster episode to throw me off. Though, Superman made some great comments backing the episode! We’ll see what happens.

    Love the site!

  5. I thought these thoughts were great;
    I noticed something else when I watched last night’s episode. They worded the opening narrative by Sarah Connor really badly. It ends up mentioning Skynet sending back Terminators: “It has sent machines back in time. Some to kill him. One to protect him.”

    Ummm… the way that’s worded seems to indicate Skynet sent back Summer Glau, not the future John Connor. Nice going, writers.

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