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Inside Derek Reese’s Head

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I watched Episode 6, Dungeons and Dragons.

 I had previously missed the first 20 minutes, and was totally confused.

This episode did a lot of character development.  We found out three important things.

1) Before being reprogrammed, Cameron and Derek met.  She did something awful which caused him to hate her.  He doesn’t trust reprogrammed terminators.
2) Derek has gone rogue and is not loyal to John.  He doesn’t trust him because he sent Kyle on a mission and didn’t say where, because he uses reprogrammed Terminators, and because he took it upon himself to take a new mission, instead of helping John in the past, he would prevent Skynet from being built.   He will “correct all the mistakes.”
3) He is capable of straight up lying to Sarah Connor (about shooting Andy Good) and deceived future John by omission (about his true intentions for the past).

 Other interesting tidbits.

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Fan’s Survival Guide to Time Travel

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When it comes to science fiction, nothing causes as many heads to itch as time travel.  On top of being confusing and foreign to our minds, many ideas and theories about time travel exist.  Sometimes these enter as sub-plots or as fancy dialogue. 

In the end, however, time travel follows a few simple rules.   Otherwise the storytelling would be broken.  In other words, to have a conistent story-line, these rules have to be followed.  (Yes, this means Star Trek’s time travel is in some cases not consistent.  Go figure.)

I had a vision after my alarm clock went off and before I woke one morning about these three simple rules.  Now I share them so you can survive and follow any time travel storyline.  (Exception: any Star Trek episode featuring the temporal starfleet shtuff.)

What time travel is not

  • NOT: A way to end the universe. 
    Stories toting around the possibility of creating a self-eliminating paradox, or upsetting the natural balance of cosmic forces, resulting in an implosion the likes of which unbefore seen in the universe are all bunk.  I mean seriously, the TV show would have trouble airing the last 7 episodes of the current season if the Universe gets destroyed.
  • NOT: A way to switch to alternate realities. 
    (There are no multiple time lines.)
    There is a whole bunch of fantasy written about infinite possibility being expressed in infinite alternate realities.  Thus, every choice contains infinite possible outcomes.  Some dare to mix this with time travel as another possible choice.  So if you alter the course of events in your own reality by time travelling, you in essence create a new branched reality by leaving and not affecting the old one other than by being absent.  This is all fancy talk to confuse people and doesn’t affect what I am about to say.  Although I won’t argue the point exhaustively, trust me on this one.  Plus, the whole alternate reality thing pretty much takes any level of coolness out of free will, so its bunk and lame anyways.


  • Time is a continuous, progressive force.
  • There is one reality.  Time travel within this reality keeps to the system of cause and effect.

Three Laws of Time Travel
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Where do I know that guy from? TermiNerd looks at Dean Winters

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By now you’ve seen “Charley Dixon” aka Sarah’s former boyfriend/Medic, on several episodes of SCC.

If you are like me, you see that guy and ask yourself “Where do I know him from?”

So after some personal confirmation that indeed that was him in that one show. Here is a list of where you might have caught Dean Winters on the Tube.

Dean was Tommy Gavin’s cop brother Johnny Gavin on USA Network’s “Rescue Me” – great stuff

Dean was also Detective Brian Cassidy on NBC’s “Law and Order SVU

He also found fame on HBO’s “OZ” as Ryan O’Reil.

Dean Winters has some serious acting chops and I’ve found him solid in everything I’ve seen him in.

Take a look over here at IMDB to see his other gigs.

Episode V Lands

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There was lots of plot development in Episode V.

The following is a bunch of random ravings and observations.

John met his new car shop buddy… Morris. His lab partner / potential love interest is Sheryl Winters. And his lost uncle is Derek Reese.

Agent Kester now has some hard evidence: the triple 8’s left forearm, severed at the elbow joint. Complete with artificial blood, fake flesh, and (ta-da!) a metal endoskeleton.

The car chase was really fun, with a new car chase twist: Terminator wrestling in the back makes driving much harder.

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Terminator vs. Fox Sports Robot

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Everybody loves to hate the Fox Sports Robot… dancing around like a football player.  Porblem is, he has all the same moves everytime…


One sequence featuring our dancing friend had a Terminator bust through the wall and pummel him.  Then hit him while he was down.  Awesome.

We’re still searching for the clip showing this shameless promotion of SSC. 

Confirmed: you can see these three SSC promos at
Select the bottom tab or section (FOX/NFL Promos).