Episode V Lands

There was lots of plot development in Episode V.

The following is a bunch of random ravings and observations.

John met his new car shop buddy… Morris. His lab partner / potential love interest is Sheryl Winters. And his lost uncle is Derek Reese.

Agent Kester now has some hard evidence: the triple 8’s left forearm, severed at the elbow joint. Complete with artificial blood, fake flesh, and (ta-da!) a metal endoskeleton.

The car chase was really fun, with a new car chase twist: Terminator wrestling in the back makes driving much harder.

I think Sarah’s dialogue concerning chess was really interesting. I’m hoping to transcribe it. In the meantime, I leave you with the quote, “You can’t win the heart of a rook or the mind of a Bishop.” (I hope I didn’t butcher it.)

Apparently, the snow storm gives me more HD woes: the school closing / storm alert information bar can’t be broadcast in HD. Consequently, my HD SCC got hijacked to regular SD.

At the end of Episode V, let’s review the Connor family.

Cyborg not-sister
Schizo Mom
Hacker Boy
Chopped uncle
Lost Step Dad
Lab partner love interest with crazy Dad

And lets not forget the beat-up repogrammable missing fore-arm triple 8 terminator in the Garage.

Quotable quotes
“It [Turk] might still become Skynet.”
“And it might become Pong.”

“Hope the Japanese win. Otherwise Cameron is gonna kill him.”


4 Responses to “Episode V Lands”

  1. thissalesmanslife Says:

    Great Episode! (My Thoughts)
    I liked all the stuff being revealed.
    Finally the black FBI isn’t a weenie.

    Will the revelation that John sends back both his father and his uncle into the past effect any future stories. (This makes my mind hurt)

    Does the High school consoler now have Cameron on his radar? Post traumatic Stress and all.
    What is up with the other Chess dude?
    If Turk can be beat by the Japanese then why not look for the future Japanese “Terminators” or whatever -go after Skynet. (This is more of a funny muse then a real question)
    Will John’s Step Dad’s wife turn them in —-to the FBI Terminator?

    Derek Reese doesn’t know Cameron but earlier in the episode John has a conversation with Cameron about knowing Reese.
    Cameron – “You know him he was one of your very best soldiers” -She says “was” in the past tense.

    So is it safe to assume that Cameron was sent back after both Reese brothers?

    Cameron – “His mission was to meet up with us” -she clearly says us.(I may be wrong on this one.

    Last – Cameron’s secret is ……….(I have no clue) but I would welcome some speculation.

    I’ll be back

  2. Not that I was ever off the SCC bandwagon but I am full on. I’ve loved what they’ve done and love what ya’ll have said. Japanese Terminators, that’s hilarious 🙂

  3. thissalesmanslife Says:

    I guess we know that the Turk was programed to loose – so no such luck for the Japanese Terminator.
    Note:I vote Jet Lee if the story every goes that way.

  4. Dominous Says:

    I vote Jackie Chan as a Drunken Master Terminator…

    i.e. I’ll be back… [makes his way to the bar]

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