Where do I know that guy from? TermiNerd looks at Dean Winters

By now you’ve seen “Charley Dixon” aka Sarah’s former boyfriend/Medic, on several episodes of SCC.

If you are like me, you see that guy and ask yourself “Where do I know him from?”

So after some personal confirmation that indeed that was him in that one show. Here is a list of where you might have caught Dean Winters on the Tube.

Dean was Tommy Gavin’s cop brother Johnny Gavin on USA Network’s “Rescue Me” – great stuff

Dean was also Detective Brian Cassidy on NBC’s “Law and Order SVU

He also found fame on HBO’s “OZ” as Ryan O’Reil.

Dean Winters has some serious acting chops and I’ve found him solid in everything I’ve seen him in.

Take a look over here at IMDB to see his other gigs.


2 Responses to “Where do I know that guy from? TermiNerd looks at Dean Winters”

  1. Dean was also Carrie’s f-buddy on Sex and the City in the episode she tries having sex like a man in season 2

    He was dumped by Olivia after a one nighter on SVU which was part of what led to his leaving the squad

    Loved him on Oz!

  2. ah Oz!!!! Knew id seeen him in something, he was the guy with the cross tattoo

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