Inside Derek Reese’s Head

I watched Episode 6, Dungeons and Dragons.

 I had previously missed the first 20 minutes, and was totally confused.

This episode did a lot of character development.  We found out three important things.

1) Before being reprogrammed, Cameron and Derek met.  She did something awful which caused him to hate her.  He doesn’t trust reprogrammed terminators.
2) Derek has gone rogue and is not loyal to John.  He doesn’t trust him because he sent Kyle on a mission and didn’t say where, because he uses reprogrammed Terminators, and because he took it upon himself to take a new mission, instead of helping John in the past, he would prevent Skynet from being built.   He will “correct all the mistakes.”
3) He is capable of straight up lying to Sarah Connor (about shooting Andy Good) and deceived future John by omission (about his true intentions for the past).

 Other interesting tidbits.

  • Terminators have memory scrambled before being reprogrammed.  This helps the new programming to take.
  • Sometimes a reprogrammed Terminator goes bad and starts killing people.  “No one knows why,” says Cameron.
  • In the future, while Derek was imprisoned in the graveyard, the attack from the flashback in Terminator (where Sarah’s picture gets burned) took place.  But in the SSC flashback, Kyle Reese supposedly wasn’t in the tunnel when the Terminators hit.  Yet he left the picture there.  hmm…
  • Cameron lied to Sarah about destorying the Triple 8’s microprocessor.
  • The Terminator masquerading as an FBI agent, who is from the past and is still trying to kill the COnnors, is going by the alias, “Robert Kester.”

Plot Hole: Watchout don’t drive into those plot holes.

Concerning blood type:  Sarah Connor is O-, John Connor is AB-.  That’s impossible.  He could be anything but AB- or AB+.


4 Responses to “Inside Derek Reese’s Head”

  1. thissalesmanslife Says:

    Is it me or are there a lot of white people in the future.
    I’m calling it here – Terminator’s are rationally profiling.
    Also when do we see a non-white Terminator?
    What can’t the future be filled with Bro-minators?

  2. thissalesmanslife Says:

    Bravo on the Blood type! Although I thought JC was A- not AB

  3. nerdchieftain Says:

    The show never explicitely said what his blood type was; but the dialogue called for “an exact match” to his blood type, 1 : 2000 odds. It was implied, therefore a little open-ended…. hmmm

  4. Maybe, in other parts of the world the Terminators are, you know, black and or asian, hell even mexican. Ha,Ha, just maybe. End of line.

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