Is Summer Gone ?????

Is our favorite teeniantor -> Summer Glau gone?

I recently heard a nasty rumor that some who’s name rhymes with Woss Jedon is trying to lure our favorite season to a new show. Right now just rumors. I’ve also heard about a dancer type movie may take up a lot of her time.

Does anyone know when Fox will renew their shows and does Summer have an extension in her contract?

I for one would think that her “death” and lack of return could spell the end for the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Somebody help….tell me the rumors are just that.

Tell me that Cameron ….(Spoilers)

regenerates from the bomb explosion and is back good as new.

Please Tell me….


4 Responses to “Is Summer Gone ?????”

  1. fox, don't screw us, make season 2 with summer! Says:

    i’m right there with ya! if they loose cameron/summer they loose fanbase. i doubt fox is that stupid…but these are the people who keep renewing prisonbreak, lol. but if prisonbreak keeps comming back, there should be no fear over T:tSCC or cameron returning. if you dissagree with chaos therory or don’t want to hear the ramblings of a madman, stop now! fox has suffered a low point of late. SCC has created a growing number of viewers. on iTunes the downloads have been rolling in, over 15million or somthing like that, in less than a week of the season finaly. now, with these as indicators, this show isn’t just a cash cow just profiting from the terminator name like haters have said, but a terminator based program with a large fanbase. fox knows this, and should intend on a renewal to the series. now, they also realize that summer glau is a major reason for many veiwers. to renew without her would be a larger mistake. how is this chaos? probability. those who are chaotitians should see how this fits.

  2. nerdchieftain Says:

    I wish the TV business allowed logic to form predictions.

    However, I have one piece of perspective to add…

    Firefly and Serenity made Summer Glau a star. So there is loyalty to Joss Whedon.

    Summer Glau was hired to bring celebrity to SCC, as was Lena Headey. No loyalty there.

    The car bomb cliff hanger IMO is the strangest thing for a season cliff hanger. I find solace in knowing the story board plan was for a longer season and this is the bastard child cliff hangar son of a writer strike.

  3. zombola Says:

    Im not sure but that photo looks exactly like the set in Predator 2 where the rasta’s get skinned, anyone else think so?

  4. Not certain if you have seen the season two opener or not, but she is in it, and is in it for the rest of the season at least (if not the series). While it has been said that a major character will die this season, Somehow I doubt it will be her (Hopefully, it isn’t her). The producers of admitted numerous times that it is Summer, and Lena that get the attention in the cons.

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