Mystery: T-888 with a name

So, Terminators assume identities… actors and FBI agents for example.  But, since when do Terminators have names and not serial numbers?  Granted, Human controlled Terminators are given names as they are pets of the humans, but Sky-net allied terminators?

We fear the T-1000, not “Chuck.”  So what secret history is there when Cameron calls this Terminator “Chromartie”?

 Wanton theorizing, please!

I really am stuck on this one, I can’t come up with any ideas I find credible.

PS> The terminator Wiki says this is a T-888 terminator.  I am not certain Chromartie is established as this model number in the series.  Can anyone verify?


3 Responses to “Mystery: T-888 with a name”

  1. Chromartie is the name of the substitute teacher he claims to be right b4 he pulls the gun out of his leg and tries to kill john…. odviously he has killed the real Chromartie b4 hand

  2. no he didn’t dex cause they made fun of him being called chromartie maybe cameron likes to refer to other terminators by names because it makes her more human because Derek reese referrers to vick as the t-888 but cameron refers to him as vick

  3. nerdchieftain Says:

    There are actually two Terminators that Cameron calls by name.

    The substitute teacher referred to himself as Mr. Chromartie, who also time travels with the Connors and Cameron to 2007, where he turns himself into Agent Kester.

    Vick is the Terminator who was contributing to the construction of ARTIE, the traffic grid control system, who married the woman in charge of design. This is the Terminator who stumbled upon the 3 resistance fighters because the one tailing Vick’s wife was careless and lead Vick back to the hideout.

    I really like your comment that Cameron does like to refer to other Terminators by a name, even if it is arbitrary, such as Mr. Chromartie. That sets up a strong contrast to how Derek and Sarah think about them.

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