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Season 2 Recap

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It doesn’t get much better than FOX on-demand.  I just watched Season 2 Episode 1 and 2 again.  There are a lot of details I could capture with the pause button.  This post is pretty much a mish-mash of random observations and detail that may be important.

One thing I have been wanting to do for a while is to capture Sarah’s monologues.  I believe Season 1 had one monologue per episode, and it was a favorite trademark of the show for me.  These first two episodes of Season 2 don’t have them.  Although there are conversations equally and powerfully as poignant between Sarah and Cameron.  

Sarah, “Am I just gonna go off, like some kind of time bomb?” 

Cameron, “I don’t know, am I?”

Sarah, “Are you alive in there?”

Cameron, “I was thinking about what to do next.”

Sarah, “Since when?”

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Instant Pictures

Posted in Instant Picture, Kodamatic, Polaroid on September 18, 2008 by nerdchieftain

Check it out.

I obtained Terminator on Blu-ray.  I am doing research to build a Terminator Time line.  It is actually the second time I saw the movie.  At the end of the movie, we get to see where the photograph that Kyle Reese has of Sarah comes from.  A Mexican kid takes it of Sarah and she buys it for $4. 
And here is the camera.  It’s not a Polaroid… it’s a Kodamatic.

I suppose the Kodamatic was easy to find back in 1984 when Terminator was filmed.  I thought the use of a Polaroid in the TV show was a clue about time travel… perhaps it is just a currently available version of an old prop.




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In case you were wondering, you can still watch episodes you missed, or watch again to catch details for your nerdy blog at Fox on Demand (also in the sidebar).

Stupid Question Time

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So we know that Vick is a “T-triple-8”, T-888.  And T-888 are “advanced infiltrators” capable of having a “fulfilling” married life.

And there has been debate here before about Chromartie’s model number.  It is not specified so far as I know.

So, it really begs the question, is Cameron a T-888?  Or perhaps a later model?
Leet fanbois around the global want to know!

“Never Back Down From a Challenge” Contest

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The Connor Team drives a honkin, bigA, black pickup.  So you should, too.

Register to win at

Season 2 Episode 2

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This was a very special SCC for me, as my brother, who is without cable due to Hurriance Ike in Cincinnati, came over to watch.  It was a big event.

Today John met Riley, who slept over.  Interesting innocent twist.  I like how Riley is cool.

Sarah Connor narrowly adverted lethal radiation exposure and Cancer.  (If she had gotten cancer, it would have been seriously lame!)

And the T1000 roaming around with the Connors made a powerplay to automate the powerplant at Siranto Serrano Point, which will be the future rebel base.  Looks like this battle of Siranto  Serrano Point is lost to the machines.

My favorite part of the episode is the Baums (Sarah, John, Cameron, and Derek) now use a safe word to code in on the phone:  Current Day, Current Month.

Riley is in on the plan, so that is a potential security risk if she is compromised.

Question for debate: is Morris, the Latino friend, Emo?  Just want to be accurate.

Secrets from T:SCC Season 1

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My Blu-ray of SCC treated me to an extended cut of the Demon Hand episode.

Sarah has a longer monologue on video tape from Pescadero.  Agent Ellison and the good Doctor Peter Silberman (retired from Pescadero) have an extended chat, which reveals why the good doctor belongs in Pescadero.

And there are two new High School scenes.

John enters Chemistry class to find a young man “bothering” his lab partner and confirmed loved interest, Cheri Weston.  The mysterious young man’s name?  Mr. Oxeford.  In the second scene, it is implied that this young man is behind the grafiti which lead to Jordan’s suicide, the Cheerleader.  In Cheri’s locker, it says, “Wichita.”  In the Cheerleder’s locker, whose lock John masterfully picks, it says, “Is he worth it?” with a picture of a basketball.  Both are written in spray paint by template. 

So, Wichita is where something crazy happened to Cheri if you believe Morris’ background story.  (Morris is the latino love interest for Cameron and John’s “new best friend.”)  Let’s not forget what happens when John asks Cheri she is from Wichita: she flips out a lil bit.