Season One Marathon

So my season one Marathon has been this week after the Premiere episode.  Season One was backordered on Blu-ray, so I had to wait.

Early in the show, I was very excited about the possibilities of John and Cameron developing a deep and meaningful relationship, possibly even love.  My fellow terminerds and I debated whether Cameron was a fully-equipped infiltrator like the T888, which married the woman who built ARTIE.  Terms like “pleasure terminator” and “terminatrix” were discussed.  But for me, a very interesting, thought provoking theme in the show is the question of the human soul and what that spark is, and if a machine could possess it.

In the premiere of Season 2, Cameron says with quite a bit of emotion, “Don’t do it John.  I am OK now.  I ran a test ….. John, I love you and you love me…”  Which begs the question, was she pretending?  Was the emotional display fake?  And the mystery grows deeper that she behaves well after being rebooted.

As I watched Season 1 again, the question sat in the back of my mind perculating.  I have caught a few glimpses suggesting familiarity between Cameron and John.  There are very subtle things, a look, or a reaction, that could be taken two ways.

A Terminated Scene shares a conversation between Charlie and John, just as Charlie is leaving after saving Derek’s life.  Charlie more or less calls John out on liking Cameron.  A dad knows his boy.  And Charlie reminds him to remember she is a machine, a killing machine.

In a more overt guesture, Cameron lies to Sara at Johns request, and Cameron gives John a flirtatious knowing wink.

The most pronounced scene to me is one I did not miss the first time around.  When Cameron has her chip taken out by John to hack ARTIE, the traffic network, there is volumes of unspoken dialogue.  She is very kind and reassuring to him about the procedure.  And his body language connotes a great deal of emotion as he puts her hair flap back over the chip and he gingerly strokes her hair.  When Cameron awakens, he jerks back and changes his posture — as if he were caught looking at dirty magazines.  The scene is dripping with sensuality.


One Response to “Season One Marathon”

  1. I’ve been wondering if they are going to come out at some point and say that John and Cameron become something in the future, from the time he sent her back to himself from. Very confusing and yet who would you really trust but someone you love. In one of the episodes from the first season Derek is remembering the past/ future when he first met Cameron. She nails a rogue Terminator and says something about how every once in awhile one of the reprogrammed Terminators goes bad and no one knows why. So, if John was sending back a reprogrammed Terminator wouldn’t he want so send one he could really be sure of, one who would not go bad on younger himself.

    Anyway, hope they do a lot more with Cameron this season. She is the only one I find interesting at all.

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