Stupid Question Time


So we know that Vick is a “T-triple-8”, T-888.  And T-888 are “advanced infiltrators” capable of having a “fulfilling” married life.

And there has been debate here before about Chromartie’s model number.  It is not specified so far as I know.

So, it really begs the question, is Cameron a T-888?  Or perhaps a later model?
Leet fanbois around the global want to know!


2 Responses to “Stupid Question Time”

  1. Nash olo pez Says:

    She is not a t-888
    Someone said she’s very very special!
    U didn’t watch when she start recalling, remembering (kind of) that she had a life?
    She even called her mother, but the mom was just pregnant of her…
    Either she is, i guess, a robotized human…
    Or the machines found a way to reproduce inside human and maybe get raised as human until the machine takes over, who knows? only the writers!

    Hope it keeps on going because I heard that the series is not going to have a 3rd season!!!

    anyway Summer glau is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Wolfmammy Says:

    More likely the human memories/emotions were stored in the machines data files.

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