Season 2 Recap

It doesn’t get much better than FOX on-demand.  I just watched Season 2 Episode 1 and 2 again.  There are a lot of details I could capture with the pause button.  This post is pretty much a mish-mash of random observations and detail that may be important.

One thing I have been wanting to do for a while is to capture Sarah’s monologues.  I believe Season 1 had one monologue per episode, and it was a favorite trademark of the show for me.  These first two episodes of Season 2 don’t have them.  Although there are conversations equally and powerfully as poignant between Sarah and Cameron.  

Sarah, “Am I just gonna go off, like some kind of time bomb?” 

Cameron, “I don’t know, am I?”

Sarah, “Are you alive in there?”

Cameron, “I was thinking about what to do next.”

Sarah, “Since when?”

More after the break

Episode 1 is entitled, Samson and Delilah.  (The song played in the opening sequence is the story of Samson and Delilah.)
Episode 2 is entitled, Automatic for the People.  I think this is a reference to the ultimate automation of the Nuclear powerplant control room.

In Episode 1, Agent Ellison is given 6 weeks paid leave after the incident with the 20 HRT getting killed.  I hadn’t caught that detail before.  So he has 6 weeks to … do whatever.  Mr Walsh is the intermediary who takes the Turk to Catherine.  He may be a recurring character?  She did not kill him, which is unusual for a Terminator.  They normally cover their tracks this way.

In Episode 2, there is a lot of behavioral changes in Cameron.  I think all these are suggesting she is developing consciousness and the spark of life — the I-don’t-know-what that makes people people and makes machines less than people — perhaps the word is a soul?

Most notably, in the bar, she picked a song on the jukebox.  She smiled as she counted her money from hustling pool and left $20 for the waitress, presumably a big tip.


We have a slight bit of mystery with this conversation:

“You can’t be trusted any more.  You risked your life to fix me… that could upset people.”  Cameron

“Yeah, I guess I’ll have to deal with it” (nods at Derek, Sarah)  John

“not them”  Cameron

Who else would feel he is untrustworthy?  Was she referring to herself?  Certainly Derek thinks John’s choice is crazy.


I learned how to spell Siranto Point: it’s Serrano Point; it was written on the wall in a brief shot of the Nuclear power plant.

I also captured the following: Cameron tells us the powerplant is captured from Skynet at the Battle of Avala Beach Dec  8, 2026.  (Now I am worried if I spelled Avala right….)


I wonder, is the pregnant neighbor going to be a new friend for Sarah?


There is a big mystery from the time traveller in this Episode.  He comes through time, shot.  And he knows exactly where the Connors live.  He shows up and breaks into the Garage before they rent the place and writes messages on the garage wall in his own blood before finding Sarah and telling her about Serrano point and Greenway.  In all other Terminator time travel, the resistance has to find the good guys, too.  So how did he know this time?  To quote Yoda, “Deep and disturbing this mystery is.”

Thanks to pause, I got the writing on the wall typed out.  Keep in mind, it is written in sloppy blood, so letters could be wrong.  It looks mostly a list of names and places.


KIM                                                                   GREENWAY
JUAN LOPEZ                                                     PALTO
STARK 3007 LK                                                 ORB SHERMAN
WALLACE/BROOKS                                          NAPINE FIELDS
DEACON SANDHIP                                           0419100644
TB3N @ CB4                                                    ??????? (off camera)

The number is 10 digits, but can’t be a phone number starting with 0.    41910 is not a zip code.  Napine and Napine Fields did not turn anything up on google.  Napine seems to be a spanish name translated as Nadine?





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