Season 2 Episode 5 takes it up a notch

I have to admit, I was feeling a little un-fan-like:  I was tired of the Connors not fighting back.  It’s Cameron vs any other Terminator, plus Sarah’s shotgun and Derek’s grenade launcher.

Why aren’t they setting up a trap for Chromartie?  Because that plot line is reserved for Agent Ellison, that’s why.  SIGH  Cheri and Morris aren’t back yet (thanks for pointing that out, Adam).  John isn’t going back to High School?  But Cameron has to go to Prom with Morris, yo.

So, the season had me down.

Then, they pawned a random terminator using clues from the bloody garage list.  Way to go, team.  I’m glad to see the show is not going to be Terminator: SCR (See Connors Run).


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