Season 2 Halfway Point


So it is no secret here at TermiNerd that interest has waned with Season 2.  Since we were left with a mid-season cliff-hanger, it is time we discussed what has been troubling us.

Season One was edgy:  Stylistically very similar to Terminator 2, it focused on Sarah Connor’s thoughts and inner struggles.  We approached serious themes, and had fun watching a Terminator go through the pubescent struggles of High School.

So, here is my list of complaints with all the “popcorn-sell-your-TV-show-to-the-masses” shtick

  • The time war: OK, all continuity has been lost.  Season One implied some sort of inevitability: John sent his Terminator back (Cameron) to prevent SkyNet being built.  This implies a level of desperation.  The time plot has gone from making any bit of sense to simply being an excuse for the new bad guy to appear.  Is there an long-term story arch, or is time travel the new warp drive aka futurustic plot device?   Is time travel integral to the story telling or not?
  • The Connors ran from Chromartie way too long.  They have taken them out with way less resources (like a healthy Terminator), they should have hunter HIM.
  • We got rid of the whole high school scene.  Cameron at prom?  That would have been awesome.
  • Along the lines of an out-of-control time war:  a Terminator sent to kill Ellison.
  • Why did they kill the good doctor so cheaply?
  • We could forgive the change in the High School plot with Riley.  But we can’t forgive the plot that she is send back from the future to seduce John and keep him from… falling in love with Cameron.. maybe?  (Time travel out-of-control.)
  • The Alien technology Cliff hangar: since when does James Cameron go all George Lucas Indy IV style on us?

I am sure there are more.  Let’s gripe together.




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