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Latest Sarah Connor Chronicles (Nerdchieftain: Jan 22, 2008)

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In the latest episode, Sarah is faced with a computer nerd who is contributing to the Aritifical Intelligence (AI) community. He seems to be small time, and probably not a threat in terms of building up Skynet. The moral dilemma for Sarah, then, is if she wants to be sure, does she need to kill him? In the end, she decides to simply burn down his computer lab (his house.)I appreciate that this episode is pursuing the question, “How far is she willing to go?” Nonetheless, it seems to me that befriending him and using his personal network to join in the computer nerd world would have been a more effective long-term strategy. Intell >> exhasutively killing all computer programmers. This perhaps is the part of the journey for Sarah to realize this truth. She could have taken the next relationship step – level with the guy and have him meet the kids. ”I’ve got a twin son and daughter interested in computers. They’re real excited to get to see what you are doing.” This could open some cool plot opportunities, get them into the Nerd underground. This plot line isn’t closed by a long shot. The other aspect to this is Sarah is gonna have to finally let go of John and let him start to contribute and learn. I am looking forward to some good drama as they learn to play smarter than “kill everything” Terminator style.Nonetheless, I don’t want to dwell on what could have been… but it is good to explore what the characters are thinking, doing.

Terminator Theories (Nerdchieftain: Jan 18, 2008)

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termheadcrop.jpg<– The missing Terminator head.

In Episode 2 of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Gnothi Seauton (“Know thyself”), there was a small mystery, which I have begun to think over.  I also investigated  by watching the episodes on Fox on Demand.

The Terminator’s head comes through time into the future (2007), but the body is nowhere to be seen. It mysteriously appears and resurrects in a garbage pile when the head reboots.

The most likely explanation for this is that the terminator body was left in the past (1999), presumably charred and more resembling a robot after being hit by the isotope gun.

This is relevant, because the body would have had to be taken in 1999 to a garbage dump. Furthermore, the FBI agent James Ellison upon arriving at the bank would have found a dead headless terminator in the remains of a vault door way along with 3 magically disappearing fugitives and 10 – 20 witnesses, who saw the terminator rip apart a giant vault door in minutes with his bare hands.  Among these witnesses are credible SWAT team members. Which begs the following questions:

1) Would this cause James (FBI) to begin giving some credibility to Sarah Connor’s disturbing mental hospital tales?
2) It seems odd the Terminator body would be in a dump and not some FBI evidence locker, or melted down for scrap (its high quality alloy), or carted off to a computer lab a la the transition story between T1 and T2. Is there some collusion in the past yet only implied?

Here’s to hoping this is a plot device instead of an overlooked plot hole.

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (This Salesman: Jan 15)

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So I was reserving judgment on the SCC untill I had seen both parts of the season premiere. I can now say with confidence that I am very pleased with how its turning out. I wasn’t sure how it would come off on TV. Would it be like the Robocop TV series or other failed Movie to TV franchises. Having watch now 2 hours of the show I think that it looks pretty solid. The tone of the show feels very much like the Terminator movies. Great casting,big fan of Summer Glau (From Serenity fame)she seems perfect as the female younger protector Terminator. Also Lena Headey is growing on me as the strong but vulnerable Sarah Connor. I think the show has started off pretty strong, but I am concerned with the future stories and where the series will go. I do think that pairing this show up with Prison Break (Which was awesome last night) can only help make Mondays solid Fox TV watching.

Great website about the SCC over at the Terminator Chronicles

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Good watching,


Sarah Connor Excitement (Nerdchieftain: Jan 15, 2008)

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I watched the second installment of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles last night.  I was worried because the previews made it look like the Terminators had already found them… again.  Which kind of sucks, I mean, the TV series should evolve, not drop the biggest whammy plot hook all at once.  It would seem my worst fear was only partially realized and because the Terminators… well aren’t so smart at strategizing/thinking/communicating, the hammer has not fallen.  Two terminators have seen them, one knows who they are.  But Skynet doesn’t, at least that is what Cameron says.

It would seem the series is off to a stunning success.  I like that the Terminator protector can learn to act human.  The reinvinvention of the interplay of the war through time travel because of the Terminator 2 movie outcome is brilliant, and instead of being a lame movie spin-off with inconsistencies, this is actually a plot geek device to drive the lore and make a deeper, richer, more believable war.

As the name of the series implies, the story is really all about Sarah Connor.  Does she have the strength to get through?

Sarah Connor Excitement (This Salesman: Jan 14, 2008)

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I ended the Weekend with a Viewing of the New Terminator TV show: Sarah Conner Chronicles. It was pretty good TV. And Jeremy’s TV showed it in the HD glory that it needs to be watched in. I liked the show but there is another part on tonight.

After Part 2 tonight,I’ll be in a better place to review it.