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Is Summer Gone ?????

Posted in blogs, Gripe, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Spoilers, Summer Glau with tags on March 5, 2008 by thissalesmanslife

Is our favorite teeniantor -> Summer Glau gone?

I recently heard a nasty rumor that some who’s name rhymes with Woss Jedon is trying to lure our favorite season to a new show. Right now just rumors. I’ve also heard about a dancer type movie may take up a lot of her time.

Does anyone know when Fox will renew their shows and does Summer have an extension in her contract?

I for one would think that her “death” and lack of return could spell the end for the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Somebody help….tell me the rumors are just that.

Tell me that Cameron ….(Spoilers)

regenerates from the bomb explosion and is back good as new.

Please Tell me….


Some Blogs find fault with the SCC’s direction

Posted in blogs, Sarah Connor Chronicles with tags , on January 23, 2008 by thissalesmanslife

So I was doing some surfing on the SCC (Sarah Connor Chronicles) and found that some blogs are already putting up walls against the new TV show. Say it ain’t so.

While it’s not the movie and it’s not perfect – but for TV I think it’s pretty darn good Beats Reality TV.

But we @ TermiNerd, welcome all view points so here are the thoughts from those at Worship City:

And Terminator looses it’s luster

I think some of the points are valid and I hope the future SCC episodes show that Sarah Connor really has “the Stones”

I really liked your pic. Worship City hope you don’t mind that I borrowed it.