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Mystery: T-888 with a name

Posted in Agent Kester, Cameron, Chromartie, T-888 on March 12, 2008 by nerdchieftain

So, Terminators assume identities… actors and FBI agents for example.  But, since when do Terminators have names and not serial numbers?  Granted, Human controlled Terminators are given names as they are pets of the humans, but Sky-net allied terminators?

We fear the T-1000, not “Chuck.”  So what secret history is there when Cameron calls this Terminator “Chromartie”?

 Wanton theorizing, please!

I really am stuck on this one, I can’t come up with any ideas I find credible.

PS> The terminator Wiki says this is a T-888 terminator.  I am not certain Chromartie is established as this model number in the series.  Can anyone verify?


Most Memorable Moment in the Season Finale

Posted in Agent Ellison, Agent Kester, Chromartie, Cloyd Dixon, Derek Reese, Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season One, Spoilers with tags on March 10, 2008 by nerdchieftain

I like how the Season Finale contained lots of character development and the characters make some kind of peace with each other.  Derek exposed Cameron’s deception about keeping the chip and I breathed a sigh of relief as ThisSalesman’s prediction that Cameron had a secret evil motive.  At least this time.

I nominate two moments in the season finale as having epic cinematic quality.

The first moment was when Derek took John to fulfill his ultimate desire for his birthday: meeting his father.  That snuck up on me.  I recognized Derek and Reese in the park early, but I didn’t see the, “Happy Birthday, John,” coming.  I have to say this human moment for Derek was important for me to consider him… well human and trustworthy.  Speaking of which, I don’t share John’s sentiment that he was telling the truth about not knowing whom his men were trailing.

The second moment was when Agent Ellison lead a team of FBI agents to arrest the Chromartie aka “Agent Kester” Terminator.  The shot from underwater of the Agents falling into the pool as the sounds of combat flared really lend a great sense of despair and hopelessness to the, well, hopeless situation.

Upon watching the season finale a second time on fox on demand, I realized how much potential there is in bringing Agent Ellison and Cloyd Dixon together after the disaster.  Ellison has more than just reasons to believe.  He will have retribution on his mind.  And… Cloyd can take him to Sarah Connor now that he is really ready to believe.

Inside Derek Reese’s Head

Posted in Agent Kester, Cameron, Chromartie, Derek Reese, Uncategorized on February 27, 2008 by nerdchieftain

I watched Episode 6, Dungeons and Dragons.

 I had previously missed the first 20 minutes, and was totally confused.

This episode did a lot of character development.  We found out three important things.

1) Before being reprogrammed, Cameron and Derek met.  She did something awful which caused him to hate her.  He doesn’t trust reprogrammed terminators.
2) Derek has gone rogue and is not loyal to John.  He doesn’t trust him because he sent Kyle on a mission and didn’t say where, because he uses reprogrammed Terminators, and because he took it upon himself to take a new mission, instead of helping John in the past, he would prevent Skynet from being built.   He will “correct all the mistakes.”
3) He is capable of straight up lying to Sarah Connor (about shooting Andy Good) and deceived future John by omission (about his true intentions for the past).

 Other interesting tidbits.

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