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Episode V Lands

Posted in Fourth Freedom Fighter, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Spoilers, Summer Glau, The Queen's Gambit, Theories, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on February 11, 2008 by nerdchieftain

There was lots of plot development in Episode V.

The following is a bunch of random ravings and observations.

John met his new car shop buddy… Morris. His lab partner / potential love interest is Sheryl Winters. And his lost uncle is Derek Reese.

Agent Kester now has some hard evidence: the triple 8’s left forearm, severed at the elbow joint. Complete with artificial blood, fake flesh, and (ta-da!) a metal endoskeleton.

The car chase was really fun, with a new car chase twist: Terminator wrestling in the back makes driving much harder.

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Fourth Freedom Fighter Sightings

Posted in Fourth Freedom Fighter, Theories on January 23, 2008 by nerdchieftain

I was all excited to spot the Fourth Freedom Fighter in Episode 2. The question burned in my soul, “Did he see Sarah Connor’s face clearly?” After all, he was a little ways away and she was running down the alley….

Yet in Episode 3, he definitely looked her straight in the eye while prowling Andy’s house, and when she went out on Andy’s porch. So I believe, being that he knows Sarah Connor’s face, he knows who he is tailing. I can’t wait until he appears.