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Season 2 Episode 2

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This was a very special SCC for me, as my brother, who is without cable due to Hurriance Ike in Cincinnati, came over to watch.  It was a big event.

Today John met Riley, who slept over.  Interesting innocent twist.  I like how Riley is cool.

Sarah Connor narrowly adverted lethal radiation exposure and Cancer.  (If she had gotten cancer, it would have been seriously lame!)

And the T1000 roaming around with the Connors made a powerplay to automate the powerplant at Siranto Serrano Point, which will be the future rebel base.  Looks like this battle of Siranto  Serrano Point is lost to the machines.

My favorite part of the episode is the Baums (Sarah, John, Cameron, and Derek) now use a safe word to code in on the phone:  Current Day, Current Month.

Riley is in on the plan, so that is a potential security risk if she is compromised.

Question for debate: is Morris, the Latino friend, Emo?  Just want to be accurate.


T:SCC Season 2 Premiere

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Courtesy of Terminator Site

Courtesy of Terminator Site

Wow.  What a rocking first episode.  Full of twists and turns.

I am a little uneasy about Cameron being unreliable.  It’s too much tension for me.  I would rather know who the good guys are, who are the bad guys.  I hope this story line concludes with her repair.

Speaking of bad guys, I really loved the new villain, the Irish (?) female computer corporation CEO (EDIT: Catherine Weaver), who purchased the Turk.  I like the idea that a T1000 reappears, but I kind of wish Skynet was still conceived by and built by human beings, along the theme of the inevitability of our fate.  Nonetheless, this is a very intriguing development.

I was really stressed out in this episode, our heroes were pushed to the edge and then some.

Poor Agent Elison and the burden he has to bear!  I like that we got an answer why Chromartie let him live — to lead Chromartie to the Connors.

Technobabble: On Time Travel

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In true Nerd style, I have elected to discuss that which is not currently possible and at the extreme edge of Science fiction to explore first among all the very many important issues raised.

I would like to begin by adding some perspective. Time Travel was imagined by James Cameron, who wrote the scripts, as a plot device. In situations such as these, the techonogy aspect of the story is Technobabble. There is no rhyme or reason to how it works, it just works by certain rules. In some cases, such as Star Trek, technobabble requires consistency.

Nonetheless, fans innately desire to have a believable universe filled with continuity. Continue reading