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Episode V Lands

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There was lots of plot development in Episode V.

The following is a bunch of random ravings and observations.

John met his new car shop buddy… Morris. His lab partner / potential love interest is Sheryl Winters. And his lost uncle is Derek Reese.

Agent Kester now has some hard evidence: the triple 8’s left forearm, severed at the elbow joint. Complete with artificial blood, fake flesh, and (ta-da!) a metal endoskeleton.

The car chase was really fun, with a new car chase twist: Terminator wrestling in the back makes driving much harder.

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90210 meets the Terminator

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So it appears that another 90210 star goes Sci Fi.

Luke Perry went sci-fi for “Buffy the vampire slayer “(The movie not the TV show) and “Jeremiah”.

Jason Priestly went sci-fi for “Tru Calling ”

Now it looks like David Silver aka Brian Austin Green is meeting up with Sarah Connor.

I had heard rumors regarding the resistance fighter’s arm tattoo looking very similar to the tattoo showcased by Green but I hadn’t received any confirmation.

I’ve seen pictures and I can say with some certainty that Green is the Mystery man from the future.

Looks like he will appear in several upcoming episodes.