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Stupid Question Time

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So we know that Vick is a “T-triple-8”, T-888.  And T-888 are “advanced infiltrators” capable of having a “fulfilling” married life.

And there has been debate here before about Chromartie’s model number.  It is not specified so far as I know.

So, it really begs the question, is Cameron a T-888?  Or perhaps a later model?
Leet fanbois around the global want to know!


Season 2 Episode 2

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This was a very special SCC for me, as my brother, who is without cable due to Hurriance Ike in Cincinnati, came over to watch.  It was a big event.

Today John met Riley, who slept over.  Interesting innocent twist.  I like how Riley is cool.

Sarah Connor narrowly adverted lethal radiation exposure and Cancer.  (If she had gotten cancer, it would have been seriously lame!)

And the T1000 roaming around with the Connors made a powerplay to automate the powerplant at Siranto Serrano Point, which will be the future rebel base.  Looks like this battle of Siranto  Serrano Point is lost to the machines.

My favorite part of the episode is the Baums (Sarah, John, Cameron, and Derek) now use a safe word to code in on the phone:  Current Day, Current Month.

Riley is in on the plan, so that is a potential security risk if she is compromised.

Question for debate: is Morris, the Latino friend, Emo?  Just want to be accurate.

Fan’s Survival Guide to Time Travel

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When it comes to science fiction, nothing causes as many heads to itch as time travel.  On top of being confusing and foreign to our minds, many ideas and theories about time travel exist.  Sometimes these enter as sub-plots or as fancy dialogue. 

In the end, however, time travel follows a few simple rules.   Otherwise the storytelling would be broken.  In other words, to have a conistent story-line, these rules have to be followed.  (Yes, this means Star Trek’s time travel is in some cases not consistent.  Go figure.)

I had a vision after my alarm clock went off and before I woke one morning about these three simple rules.  Now I share them so you can survive and follow any time travel storyline.  (Exception: any Star Trek episode featuring the temporal starfleet shtuff.)

What time travel is not

  • NOT: A way to end the universe. 
    Stories toting around the possibility of creating a self-eliminating paradox, or upsetting the natural balance of cosmic forces, resulting in an implosion the likes of which unbefore seen in the universe are all bunk.  I mean seriously, the TV show would have trouble airing the last 7 episodes of the current season if the Universe gets destroyed.
  • NOT: A way to switch to alternate realities. 
    (There are no multiple time lines.)
    There is a whole bunch of fantasy written about infinite possibility being expressed in infinite alternate realities.  Thus, every choice contains infinite possible outcomes.  Some dare to mix this with time travel as another possible choice.  So if you alter the course of events in your own reality by time travelling, you in essence create a new branched reality by leaving and not affecting the old one other than by being absent.  This is all fancy talk to confuse people and doesn’t affect what I am about to say.  Although I won’t argue the point exhaustively, trust me on this one.  Plus, the whole alternate reality thing pretty much takes any level of coolness out of free will, so its bunk and lame anyways.


  • Time is a continuous, progressive force.
  • There is one reality.  Time travel within this reality keeps to the system of cause and effect.

Three Laws of Time Travel
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Episode 5 The Queen’s Gambit(Pics)

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Some great spoiler pics from episode 5 over at MOTHEROFALLDESTINY.COM

Check them out if you dare.

Big fan of this one of Summer Glau.


Technobabble: On Time Travel

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In true Nerd style, I have elected to discuss that which is not currently possible and at the extreme edge of Science fiction to explore first among all the very many important issues raised.

I would like to begin by adding some perspective. Time Travel was imagined by James Cameron, who wrote the scripts, as a plot device. In situations such as these, the techonogy aspect of the story is Technobabble. There is no rhyme or reason to how it works, it just works by certain rules. In some cases, such as Star Trek, technobabble requires consistency.

Nonetheless, fans innately desire to have a believable universe filled with continuity. Continue reading

Mysteries, Theories, and Technobabble Oh My!

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Welcome Team TermiNerd!

It is time for our first community activity. Our goal is to specialize in rampant plot theorizing, examination of show mysteries, and to geek out over terminator technology. We need you to help us make a list for discussion, and to participate of course!

This will serve as our seaon 1 contest: for every post you create which predicts something happening in Season 1, you’ll get recognition in the Season 1 awards. For every incorrect post (which will be most), you get an atomic wedgie. The stakes are high here people!

We at TermiNerd would like to pontificate that we want to keep a positive perspective. The purpose of discussing these things is to have fun, make friends, get our geek on, make me feel important for hosting a busy blog, predict the future, and of course, influence the writers who know where the biggest fan site is.

Please submit your Mysteries, Theories, and Technobabble topics for discussion. We’ll start tackling them. Continue reading

Summer Glau -A good choice for the Teen-minator?

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I want to here Raves and Rants about Summer Glau’s casting as the Cameron character on the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Is it a good choice? Would you have gone a different direction?

Is her character to close too the Serenity character “River” ?

I think in the first 2 episodes I liked it but in the recent 3rd ……well, I’m not sure.

I welcome your thoughts.